Photon trajectory changes as the screen moves THE SIMPLE MOVING SCREEN EXPERIMENT
P is the photon source. S is the double slit. A, B, and C are the one detector screen, but moved into three different positions. a1, b1, and c1 are the points where the first maxima occurs on each detector screen.

Photons travel from the photon source P, through the slits, S, and arrive at a detector screen.
A wave-like diffraction pattern is seen.

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The detector screen is moved from position A to position B to position C. We see that the diffraction pattern on the screen shifts exactly as one would expect to see it do if light were waves.

However, photons are actually particles and NOT waves. Photons have only ever been detected as particles. In fact the brightest points on the screen - the maxima - are simply those points where the photons emerging from both slits are most heavily concentrated - as PARTICLES.

This diagram shows the changing position of the first maxima on the detector screen as that screen is placed in three different spots.

Note how, as we move the detector screen from A through to C, the angle of the photons - their trajectory - as they emerge from the slits - is different for each detector screen position.

Indeed, in order to conform to a standard diffraction pattern the photons MUST change their trajectory as the screen moves.

We can conclude that:
1. The photons are obeying a wave influence
2. The screen is influencing photon trajectory
3. The screen is a source of wave influence
4. The screen is a source of waves ??